WA Electing Fewer Progressive Women

Washington State has a proud history of electing women to the Legislature. For years Washington set the standard with the highest percentage of women lawmakers in the country. But in the ebb and flow of politics, the tide has turned. Over the past decade our state has been losing ground in electing progressive women to the State Legislature.
Need For Progressive Women's Voices

The State Legislature determines the priorities for our state budget. Without the voice of progressive women we are losing the fight to ensure appropriate funding for what are the largest and most significant expenditures in our state—education, health and human services. These investments are essential to the health and wellbeing of our families and the long-term economic vitality of our state.
Creation of Win With Women PAC

The Win With Women PAC team intends to turn around the decline in progressive women’s political leadership in Washington state by bringing a new voice and new money into the political community. We understand how the political system works. We have created a Win With Women PAC led by a dedicated board of professional women who have significant political experience.