What women really want and why it matters for 2014

New polling from American Women makes it clear: women’s issues are family issues, and the voters who will determine which party controls the House and Senate – or sit this one out – want family friendly policies. The Democrats get it: just today, Politico reported on the “women’s economic agenda” Nancy Pelosi is promoting. Women – especially single ones – come to the polls for candidates who address their deepest concerns, including equal pay, the minimum wage, and healthcare.

All the sensitivity boot camps in the world won’t be enough for Republicans to trick women and families into mistaking the anti-woman, anti-family agenda for the policies they really need to have a fair shot.

3 key takeaways:

·     A majority of American voters support “family friendly” policies: this includes an increased minimum wage, fair pay for men and women, affordable child care, paid sick days, and paid family and medical leave.

·     These values are not exclusive to one gender, race, age, or even region: this includes majorities of men and women, majorities of whites, African Americans and Hispanic voters, majorities of young and old voters and majorities of voters in different regions of the country

·     These aren’t just Democratic values – they’re common family values: 90 percent of Democrats support the family friendly policies, as well as 54 percent of Independents, 54 percent of GOP women, and 36 percent of GOP men



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